Who We Serve

At Priority Tax and Financial Planning, we help our clients simplify their complex financial lives and preserve wealth. Our advisors provide retirement counseling, tax planning, estate planning, financial coordinator services, investment management, and much more. Our clients include:

Entrepreneurs and Executives

Our advisors deliver a comprehensive package of wealth advisory services to business owners and executives that's designed to meet their unique needs including exit strategies, retirement distribution and cash flow planning, and estate planning.

Doctors and Medical Professionals

When busy doctors and healthcare professionals turn to our firm for wealth management services, our advisors show them how to prepare for the future by minimizing tax burdens and protecting the wealth they’ve created.

Real Estate Professionals

We work with real estate investors, brokers, and wholesalers to gain more control over their finances through timely reporting and tax reduction and deferral strategies. Interested in reducing some of your real estate holdings? We can help.

Successful Families

High net worth families have lots of assets to manage and we can help. We offer bill paying and personal bookkeeping to assist with daily financial needs and can show you how to start a family legacy of philanthropic planning.